Driver Ed FAQ

Driving School Information

Where are you located?

Does it cost if we keep moving class dates?

How long is my account good for?

Why does it ask for a permit or License at registration?

Do you handle students with disabilities?

What schools do you provide services to?

What is your code of conduct?

Is there a dress code?

What is your cell phone policy?

What are your office hours?

Can I move to a different class?

Driving Ed Classroom

Is there a parent meeting?

Is there a study guide?

Is there a test?

What do I do if I am late to class or miss a day?

How long is our lunch break?

Do you provide lunch and snacks?

What should I bring to class?

What is a TIP card and how do I get one?

How old do I have to be to start drivers ed?


How do we handle adverse weather for class and driving?

What is the Cancellation and No-Show Policy?

When can I get my learners permit?

When can I start behind-the-wheel?

What is needed for behind the wheel sessions?

Do you pick up students from home or school?

Driving Information

What are the requirements to start drivers ed?


Do you offer any discounts?

Do I have to pay a deposit?

How much does it cost?

Can I have an extra copy of my certificate?

What is the refund policy?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our driving school programs and Louisiana driver's license requirements.